Month: May 2012

Sometimes you spill a pound of dark roast on the floor 20 minutes before closing. And sometimes, the best way to handle it is to laugh, grab a broom, and sweep it up. And then you learn not to place shit so close to the edge of a counter top. Lesson learned :).


So true. Sometimes very hard to remember.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the race to the finish line. But what fun is the finish if there’s no one at the end to cheer and hug you? I will try to always remember this, and recognize that the path I’ve planned out for myself should not be compromised, and I will not give up my dreams to be a part of those of another, however, straying from the path does not mean the termination of my dreams. My goals will still be met, as long as I keep them vivid in my mind, and in my actions. But what I am beginning to see is the number of paths I can take to reach my final destination. My path, all paths, seem to have many detours, but I will find my way to where I need to be :).