Month: October 2012

Striking resemblance, no? (Minus about 1 ft in ht). Happy #halloween! #anniehall #1970s #costume #work


Our Bodies Work in Mysterious Ways

Hey, just me again… Getting all gushy over how much I love the human body and all its wonderful tricks…

Yesterday, Saturday before Halloween, with my Annie Hall costume all planned out, and the boy’s mustache accessory to his costume ready to go, I fell ill. Not to get too graphic, but let’s just say… if there happens to be a higher power up there, I think he’s trying to swear me off of leafy greens.

I was, naturally, quite upset. Due to my dislike of vomiting, for one thing. But even more so… how often does a girl get to dress up like 1970s Diane Keaton, complete with quirky vest and GIANT sunglasses?

But, as I lay in bed ALL DAY, initially stressing over the social opportunities I may be missing, and then moving on to the list of To-Do’s I had planned for the weekend, I acknowledged that my body just might be trying to tell me something.

Had I not been debilitated, physically unable to stand on my own two legs for more than about 10 minutes (not exaggerating—when my body allows me to get sick, it’s no joke), I would have absolutely knocked out that to-do list. I would have, not relaxed, but utilized all my free time this weekend to get things done. Had I eventually found time to relax and sit down, watch a TV show, movie, or two, I would have been overrun with guilt. I take this weekend as my body’s way of telling me to slow down. “TAKE A BREAK,” it yelled at me in silence. I never would have heard it otherwise.

I’ll try to learn from this experience. Give your body a break before it feels compelled to force you into bed :).

One of the many perks of having so much time to myself: more delicious dinner just for me! Tofu with a big of sesame oil, seasoned with #cumin and #nutmeg, over #chard with breaded #eggplant! #yum

Why Don’t Men Have Cellulite?

I can’t speak to the accuracy of this information. Although I’m ok with this explanation ;-). But additionally, I love the end of this post!

It absolutely is a shame that a natural part of most women’s bodies is such a source of insecurity for so many of us. Just remember, you may not see perfection when you look in the mirror; but treat your body with respect. Give it what it asks for, and don’t ask it to hold more than it can handle, and you’re on the right track.

While weight, BMI, and measurements are great indicators of progress in your journey toward a healthy you, and can give you an idea of what your risk is, they certainly aren’t everything. Plenty of people are within a healthy weight range, but are riddled with visceral fat and high cholesterol, while many people with a BMI greater that 24.9 exercise daily, eat right, and have pretty healthy insides! No matter what your numbers, just remember the respect your body deserves. It does so much for you every day. Help it out in the ways you can, and praise it for the things it gives you in return! And remember that a little cellulite (probably) never killed anyone.

Besides, how boring would perfect be anyway? 🙂


“Why don’t men get cellulite?”

I get this question a lot, so I thought I’d settle it once and for all!

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So I don’t actually have a pot in which to cook these yet. But what can I say, when I see #pumpkin I tend to have a slight loss of cognition. #ravioli #pasta #yum #traderjoes (Taken with Instagram)

Literally all that’s going on over here tonight. #tea #longday Some days it’s what we need :). (Taken with Instagram)

To trying to let things go before they weigh you down!