Month: February 2013

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


While often regarded as a taboo topic, eating disorders are the deadliest of mental illnesses. It is estimated that 30 million Americans will suffer from a variation of these disorders, and this does not include the loved ones impacted. Although more people die from eating disorders than diseases like schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder, the amount of money spent on research in this area is minimal in comparison. Given the quiet pervasiveness of eating disorders, it’s likely we have all been impacted, either personally or indirectly, by the havoc these psychiatric illnesses can leave in their wake… Which means we all have the power to make a difference. Stand up to ED! Make it known that this disease is NOT about looks. Being impacted by a life-threatening battle with food does NOT make us shallow or superficial. This is a DISEASE, and it needs to be TREATED, just like diabetes, cancer, etc. We can all make a difference for those in need by being open. Let those plagued by the voice of ED know that it’s OKAY to talk about it.

If you SEE something, SAY something. The worst outcome of speaking up is overstepping a boundary, and possibly making someone uncomfortable. The worst outcome of keeping quiet could be far worse.


Hey! YOU!

Job opportunity available! You must have a B.S. in Nutrition and/or be a Registered Diet TECH. The job is in Sonoma County, Ca.

If you are interested, please leave a comment so I can contact you!

Quick Tip of the Day – Feb 15, 2013

STRETCH while waiting for copies to print!

Smokey Spicy Turkey Chili

photo (20)

“Mmm… Noodle Souup.”

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but sadly I cannot. So perfectly satisfied the random “spicy, mexican-themed, yet light” craving I was having. Thank you, The Perfect Pantry!

Put It On a Cracker.

8 Healthy Snacks

This is a a reblog, but I couldn’t resist. Some great snack ideas, made portable and easy to eat on a cracker! I’m always in need of new ideas of snacks to take to work. I’m sure I’m not alone!



Remind Yourself…

Remind Yourself...

It’s sometimes easy to forget what makes your life so great. When others around us seem to be getting what we want before we have the chance to get it, or when things don’t go our way, we often forget.

Get a blank piece of paper. And just go for it.

What makes YOUR life SO worth being GRATEFUL for? I bet there’s more there than you’d think…

Comment and share if you’d like! Might help some of us remember things we’ve forgotten about :).