Month: April 2013

Do We REALLY Need Carbs?

Of course we do, ya numnuts! Our brains use carbohydrates as their primary source of fuel, and to feed them we require a MINIMUM of about 130 grams per day.

Today’s video is a RAP (yes, rap) that explains the details of the Krebs Cycle (aka TCA or Citric Acid Cycle)–the process our bodies use to convert carbohydrates (and other important nutrients) into energy to help us get through our days. This may be complicated information, but the point is–our bodies have a necessity for carbs, and a cycle designed specifically to utilize them.

It should be made clear that we require CARBOHYDRATES. This does not equal REFINED SUGARS. There is a huge difference between whole grain breads, pastas, and brown rice, even the carbs we get from plant sources like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, versus white flour based products (think Wonder Bread), cookies, and processed, sugar- and fat-laden treats. These should be consumed very sparingly, and please do not convince yourself that they are brain food!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and please check back next week for a new topic to be covered. Suggestions for future videos welcome and encouraged!

And now… This one’s for all the science nerds (and Macklemore fans)…


Tuesday’s Quick Tip

Tuesday's Quick Tip

Social networking websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and various blog-o-spheres are filled with pictures and words to use as motivation. Instead of using pictures of others’ bodies as a catalyst for our own change, why not use other goals? For example: I would love to one day hold a hand stand away from the wall for more than 30 seconds. This allows us to focus more on the power of what our bodies can DO, rather than on how they LOOK. After all, that’s truly the objective for improving your health, isn’t it? 🙂

Monday’s Quick Tip

Today’s Quick Tip: TAKE THE STAIRS! It’s a great way to squeeze activity into your busy day, and will give you the boost you need to kick those Monday moody blues in the bee-hind.

Going up sound daunting? Try skipping the elevator on the way down. You’ll still work your muscles (especially if you go slowly), and at least you’re moving.

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day! (Sorry, cold-locale readers)

Did YOU do something active today?

Juicing: The Ultimate Health Tip?

My take on juicing!

I have been wanting to do a post addressing this juicing craze that has graced our nation recently. But I came across this article, and I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Check out my video for a basic breakdown of my thoughts and recommendations when it comes to this new nutritional trend. But click on the link below for a good read with some solid points.

I can go into this more in a future post if you all have more you’d like to know. But here’s one to get the conversation started ;).

Is Juicing Really the Ultimate Health Tip?


…And I mean a LOT. As I log onto wordpress to find 15 new comments, I am elated… Only to find they are about 95% spam (sad face). I am so very interested in what my readers think. Please, if you have a thought or question on a post, or would like me to write about something specific, leave a comment! I could use the inspiration ;-D.


And here we are again. One full year + 1 week after the post below, wishing we could just sleep through the next 24 hours, and wake up to the match awaiting us in D&D at 6pm Central time tomorrow. I feel the need to re-post this from last year’s match-weekend, as it STILL APPLIES. Last year, I did not match. And while I used my time wisely this year, the possibility of a repeat experience is there. So here is a reminder for me, for you, for anyone out there who joins me in this wait:


**I’d love to hear how all you fellow applicants are taking care of yourselves today and tomorrow to keep from going batty. Please share your tactics in the comments!**

From April 1, 2012 @ 6:27pm:

Anxiously awaiting mid-day tomorrow to learn the results of the dietetic internship match, we applicants are likely in agony. Each of us has been anticipating this day since we clicked “submit” for our final application on February 15. Or, if you are like me, you have been waiting for this day for the last three or so years.

Now is the time for us to truly take in the fact that the results of tomorrow’s match in no way reflect our competencies as future dietitians. We are all qualified, and well-rounded. To have put in the work to apply to DIs shows our dedication and our drive. Of course we are all viable competitors; if we were not, this process would not be nearly as grueling as the past 4+ months have been. The nature of this process is COMPETITIVE. With a 50% acceptance rate (when we’re lucky), we must not forget that sometimes, this path is not ours just yet. The competitive nature of the process itself should make us feel proud to be contenders.

As I have been telling my loved ones who have inquired about the rate at which my nerves are doing cartwheels in my belly/shoulders/brain/duodenum, I know I will become an RD. It is simply a matter of when. Maybe this process will take off like a speeding bullet tomorrow. Or maybe tomorrow will be the start of a longer, but equally fulfilling (perhaps more so) path.

No matter what happens tomorrow when we read our crassly delivered results off of D&D Digital, I think one thing is so important to remember: Match, or no match, we will ALL BE FINE. Some will be matched, many will not, but one thing is certain: WE, as people, are OK, and will continue to be GREAT. Moping, crying, and racing, unpleasant thoughts may occur—allow yourself these thoughts. Accept what becomes your reality, and move on. Don’t give up hope, just know that right now, for whatever reason gives you comfort, you are just meant to be somewhere else.

What will happen will happen, and we will ALL BE FINE. Que sera, sera.