Month: May 2013

Technological Malfunctions

Well, I tried to record a Weekend Video for you all while waiting in a very long line for a drive-thru car wash before moving the entire contents of my life down to San Francisco, however, my phone decided it only wants to see my pretty face, but doesn’t want to hear me speak :-/. So, the video will have to wait! I do apologize for not sticking to my weekly schedule, but am hoping once this move is complete I’ll have more time to commit to this hobby of mine that I absolutely love!

The video was going to give some more information about mindful and intuitive eating. Please check back for it! On the bright side… That line went by quickly :).


Challenge Yourself: Eating Mindfully

Challenge yourself today! If you do not already practice mindful or intuitive eating, set an attainable goal for yourself to start. My suggestion is to set a goal to eat one meal today with mindfulness. This means no distractions: turn off the TV, put down the phone, close the book/magazine. Pay attention! If you can recognize the signal, stop when you’re satisfied–BEFORE you’re full. And enjoy every bite.

It’s not easy, but I know you all can do it. Check back for a more elaborate post on mindful/intuitive eating–the philosophy that truly changed my life, and that of many others.

Happy Thursday (it’s almost Friday)!



I know, it’s easy to find excuses not to exercise. Especially when the type of exercise you’re working toward is an activity you don’t particularly care for. That’s why I firmly believe in picking an activity that you LOVE. I heard some great advice once. Paraphrased, it was: choose a work out that you love so much, you would do it EVEN if it wasn’t GOOD FOR YOU! And for me, that work out is YOGA. I can honestly say it is in my top 5 list of ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THINGS (including non-exercise activities) TO DO, and I choose it as my mode of exercise as frequently as possible.


See? 😉

But, being a busy person on a strict budget, I often run into 2 significant hurdles — insufficient funds to maintain membership at a yoga studio and, even if my income permitted, I have a schedule that doesn’t often allow me to get to the classes that are offered. I’m sure many of you run into similar problems.


Well, fear not fellow… busy poor people! There’s an app for that! Well, a website. brings the studio to your personal computer screen. They have a seriously vast selection, and are breaking it down for you by teacher, yoga style, level of difficulty, and duration of the class. And when I say vast, I am NOT messin’ around (and neither are the wonderful people at YogaGLO). The site offers nearly 2000 videos at this time, and styles range from Ashtanga to Kundalini to Vinyasa (and then some). They even have Meditation classes available ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. 


There are a number of really useful tools on the site, as well, that will help you commit to your yoga practice, even if you can’t commit to a studio. You are able to set goals for number of classes per week, and it will track how many you’ve completed (I just signed up, and am already 2/3 of the way to my goal for the week!). You can also add items to your “queue” to take the classes later, and have the option to note which time of day you’d like to use that particular video.


I know there is more, and I’m still discovering! The site is also incredibly user-friendly, and offers some great tutorials on how to use different tools. It should be noted that IF YOU ARE NEW TO YOGA, you should take extra caution in your practice. Take it slow, and if something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t push it (this is true at any level of yoga practice). Taking classes in-person with a certified instructor is always great, but if that’s not an option, YogaGlo supports the idea that it’s no excuse to discontinue your practice. And if you are new to yoga, check out the site’s Beginner Center under the Yoga for You tab–lots of great videos to get you started!

OH, BEST OF ALL: Membership cost for YogaGlo is only $18 per month–some studios charge nearly this much for a drop-in class! They currently have a 15 day free trial that you can sign up for. DO IT!

I will miss the personalized adjustments from certified yogis that so often make ALL the difference — but there’s no harm in popping into a studio every so often for a tune up :).


Enjoy this beautiful evening, and check out YogaGlo! And most importantly, do something that nourishes you tonight :). Feed your soul!



Because this is about honesty…

While I love to preach moderation, and share with all of you tips and tricks to maintain such a lifestyle, I think it’s also important to own each of my actions, INCLUDING the not-so-moderate.


So, for the sake of honesty, and giving support to any of you who struggle with maintaining balance, I would like to share with you all that yesterday was a rough day. I was experiencing some… “feminine problems,” with pain unlike any other I’ve experienced before. I am not embellishing. Yesterday, for the first time in years, I went day #1 of every girl’s favorite week with no meds. I now know that for me that is NOT a good idea. I love to avoid medication whenever possible… But I now believe that is something my body might need. Coupled with this pain, I was having some insane cravings for some seriously processed food items. I’m talkin’ good ol’ Ben & Jerry’s, Annie’s Pasta Shells, and a Justin’s peanuts and chocolate bar. Alright, so I kept it somewhat organic. But that is hardly moderate. Below, some evidence:



(That’s right — the full fat version)


I just wanted to share this information with readers to say that living a moderate lifestyle is NOT fool-proof. But I should mention that today I feel great. I feel like I listened to a craving, squelched it (with some undeniable vigor!), and am now ready to move on and get back up on the horse of moderation. No restricting. No purging. No crazy recovery detox diet.


And that’s not to say we should indulge EVERY craving. But–you get it–LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It has more to say than you may realize.


That is all! Please check back soon for a new video :).



Check it, RAW FOODIES!

To cook, or not to cook? That is CERTAINLY the question of late. This article from (linked above) addresses just about everything I would have. Read away!

And now…. What do YOU think?

Have you gone raw?

Did this article teach you anything you weren’t aware of previously?

Share share share. 🙂

NAMI Walk in Ventura, Ca

NAMI Walk in Ventura, Ca

An incredible event, raising awareness and funds for mental illness, which plagues so many without access to help, is happening in Ventura, Ca TOMORROW, May 4, 2013. I wish I could be a part of it. If you are in the area, sign up (FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE :D)! Otherwise, head to the Ventura Beach Promenade to offer your moral support, and to learn more.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, self-respectin’ filled weekend, bloggers. Do something for YOU over the next two days ;).