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It’s been my understanding thus far that life loves to throw curveballs. Sometimes I think the Universe must be bored with me, so it keeps shoving me off track. But what are these experiences for if we don’t get to grow from them?

Learning to treat myself with love, compassion, and care has been a lifelong struggle, and my experience has taught me I am not alone. I have chosen to walk down the path of becoming a Registered Dietitian to share my knowledge with those who have the willingness and desire to understand two major things:

1) How to care for their bodies to become their optimal selves


2) Why we so deserve this level of self love.

Here at The Nourished Soul, you will find my journey through self discovery, mixed into the chronicles of my path toward becoming a Registered Dietitian. This blog also serves as a platform to communicate the importance of good nutrition and overall health. I believe strongly that health encompasses how we take care of our minds, bodies, and souls, and I believe you will find that reflected here.

This site also serves as a teaching platform where I love to discuss food and nutrition, clarifying official recommendations, debunking diet myths, and proving once and for all that healthy eating is not boring, but exciting and fun. I DO TAKE REQUESTS – so if there is something you would like to learn more about, shoot me an email (thenourishedsoulblog@gmail.com), or comment anywhere on this site.

*Please note: I am NOT a Registered Dietitian (yet), Psychologist, or MD of any kind. My knowledge comes only from my education (B.S. in Applied Nutrition Science), and my experience in clinical nutrition and throughout my dietetic internship. Nothing I say in this blog is meant to be taken as any form of medical advice. Browse with a light-hearted sense of enjoyment :).



One comment

  1. Samantha,

    so so SO glad you visited Oh Shine On so I could come find you here! My blog is my baby and a direct result of what happened when I began to love myself (and food) again after nearly two years of struggling to find a balance. After realizing my mistakes, I did learn to regain love for myself and my shine back – hence the name of the blog!

    I look forward to all your awesome posts and helpful insight.

    Stay beautiful girl!

    Katie @ Oh Shine On


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