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What Is Normal Eating?

If you’ve ever wondered what the heck constitutes “normal eating”, check out the post I wrote for the Head to Toe Wellness Blog:


We may not know what “normal” even means. But it definitely doesn’t mean perfect! Normal eating is a mix of habits, and a whole lot of self-compassion. Read on, and please leave any questions or thoughts you have hear or on Head to Toe!

Love yourself,

Samantha ❤


Lessons in Tree Pose

Lessons in Tree Pose

Something I learned in Tree Pose this week: if you take the time you need getting there, ya might stay longer. Applicable, no?

Speaking of taking our time, please expect a new post on how my dietetic internship ended up with my School Nutrition Management rotation, and take a peak into the uncertainty and excitement that comes with the life of an internship grad as I job hunt and study for my RD exam! Hope you lovely readers are having a beautiful day. Stay grounded ;-).

❤ Samantha

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Now how are y’all going to enjoy this beautiful Friday at hand?

My New New Years Resolution

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I’ve neglected posting a New Years resolution over the last few weeks. It’s not been for any particular reason — it’s just that nothing has struck me as being pressingly appropriate or important. My initial thinking was I’ll just continue to do my best at living the life I want to live. And I will absolutely carry on with that!

But an idea has struck me, and I think I’ll start it now — because there’s no time like the present!

So my New Years resolution: I will trade in 5-10 minutes per day of time in the abyss that is the dietitian’s office (so dark, stuffy, and crowded — easier to find fatigue inside than productivity or general content) for some fresh air, no matter how much work there is to do. I mean, it’s 5 minutes! If weather allows, I will try to take a walk, even for just a few minutes! Doing this for the first time RIGHT NOW, and I’m already grateful for the change.

Happy 9th day of 2014, y’all! Enjoy today :).

2014: Year of the Trailblazer

2013 –

I can’t say you and I didn’t have our moments. You certainly didn’t make things easy on me. Over the last year, there have been some major peaks, coupled with significant valleys, each accompanied by imperatively important lessons to be learned.

This year I’ve seen what makes me tick, what makes me smile, what makes me giggle until I cry, and what makes me cry until there’s nothing left to do but laugh.


I’ve learned that most of the time I’m bubbly, but it doesn’t mean I don’t also feel anger. And I’ve learned that I love Star Trek, and I’m totally ok with it.


I’ve found that I love myself more when I’m sober than I thought I ever could. And I’ve learned that one should be ridiculously, laughably, wildly in love with his or her own life — and even more important, I’ve seen how within my control that is, and have had to remind myself multiple times that this control ironically often comes from accepting the things over which we have no control.

let it go ballooon

2013 in summary – I moved to the city of my childhood dreams; landed jobs I never thought I was qualified for (and did just fine); matched to a dietetic internship, solidifying my plans to become a registered dietitian, and met clinical cases I thought I wasn’t capable of solving (sometimes excelled, sometimes looked utterly foolish, but after all I turned out ok); I cried a lot, laughed a little bit more, moved on from a wonderful relationship that had run its course, letting go of someone I loved deeply, learned to handle my emotions without alcohol to numb them, and determined who some of my real friends were whether I was ready for it or not.


Oh, and finally got to try poutine (Canadian french fry dish with cheese curds and gravy goodness that has been on my bucket list for some time).


(It was delicious, of course)

All in all, 2013, it’s been REAL. No other phrase seems quite as fitting. And to your successor, 2014, I say BRING. IT. ON. I’m ready, and can’t wait to dive in, blazing my own pathway from here to Happinesstown. I am open and ready to receive the bliss I deserve. Let’s do this!

A Quick Reminder for Self-Compassion

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we all are human beings. And some days we need to have a little more self-compassion.

Just reminding us all to be gentle with ourselves, especially when we’re having a particularly rough day. Think of treating yourself with the same compassion you might show if a friend or child came to you with your same fears, anxieties, and stressors.

Now have a wonderful Wednesday!

Oh So Thankful

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays. It may be true that the story didn’t go down exactly as we were taught in our childhood, but I’ll take any excuse to gather my entire family in one place, and enjoy some delicious fall favorites (sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie–come to Mama), surrounded by loved ones and autumn colors.

This year, as I find the holiday quickly approaching, I’m noticing a number of stressors in my life. I’m finding it easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind my life has felt like recently. My mind is becoming saturated with panic as I think about the case study I have due, the travel plans I have yet to finalize, and what I feel is a pretty unreasonable amount of personal issues I’ve been faced with over the past month.

But today I had a truly awakening experience while speaking to a patient who is over 60 years my senior. The conversation started as most of mine in the hospital do–wanting to check in on appetite, diet at home, and so on. As my preceptor and I had literally stepped one foot each out the door at the end of our interview, the patient said something funny that made her chuckle. Her stretched out smile, without any warning, transitioned into a somber lowering of the eyes, and then slowly turned to tears and sobbing. We sat back down, and asked her what was happening for her. She started to tell us about how sad she was in ending up where she was, with health problems she’d never dreamed would be hers.

She portrayed the decline of her health as a loss, “like losing a child,” she said, “it’s gone, and I’ll never see it again–I’ll never get it back.”

Choking back my tears, I stood back as my preceptor held the patient’s hand, comforting her until her smile returned.

I certainly don’t know where I stand on my belief in God and the ways of the Universe (I’m still working it all out). But today, I feel some force was on my side in placing this woman, and the lessons she had to learn in front of me.

Today, I can be thankful for my health. There may be many things in my life that are imperfect. But I can stand, and walk, and even run if I want to. I can make myself dinner, and can drive myself to work. I am self-sufficient, and it wasn’t until this afternoon that I learned what an incredibly beautiful and special thing that is.

So, what can you be grateful for today?