Nutrient Spotlight

With so much hype about the revered kCalorie, sometimes I feel the REASON behind eating is lost. Yes, calories are important, and weight really is determined by calories in-calories out. However, when trying to “eat better,” the true reason we all want to get healthy is easily forgotten—to FEEL better. In order to have a well-rounded, wholesome diet, and to reap all the incredible benefits available within these lifestyle changes, ALL nutrients must be present.

Ensuring that you are receiving adequate amounts of all nutrients has benefits from feeling more energetic, to fighting off diseases from the common cold to cancer, and can even improve the health of skin, hair, and nails.

I’d love to hear suggestions from any of you for nutrients to cover (micros, macros, essential, non-essential, vitamins, minerals —they’re all important!). But I certainly have some of my favorites banked. Hope my readers are as excited as I am… (*nutrition nerd alert*).


To access the Nourished Soul’s Nutrient Spotlight Page, click on the link… down and to the right!


What do you think?

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