Amy Poehler on Loving Your Body


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I didn’t think I could admire this woman of comedy any more than I already did. But there she goes spreading wisdom, reminding me once again how to be kind to myself. All you beautiful beings who who tend to easily forget what perfectly imperfect beings you truly are (*guilty!*) will benefit from hearing this. Click the link and remember to be gentle.

Peace and Self-Love.
❤ Samantha


Tuesday’s Quick Tip

Tuesday's Quick Tip

Social networking websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and various blog-o-spheres are filled with pictures and words to use as motivation. Instead of using pictures of others’ bodies as a catalyst for our own change, why not use other goals? For example: I would love to one day hold a hand stand away from the wall for more than 30 seconds. This allows us to focus more on the power of what our bodies can DO, rather than on how they LOOK. After all, that’s truly the objective for improving your health, isn’t it? 🙂

Incredible Life Percpective from Our World’s Youth

It often takes the point of view of a child to get across the jumbled words swirling through my brain for the past 24 years. This is spot on.

Wise, wise words, young one.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


While often regarded as a taboo topic, eating disorders are the deadliest of mental illnesses. It is estimated that 30 million Americans will suffer from a variation of these disorders, and this does not include the loved ones impacted. Although more people die from eating disorders than diseases like schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder, the amount of money spent on research in this area is minimal in comparison. Given the quiet pervasiveness of eating disorders, it’s likely we have all been impacted, either personally or indirectly, by the havoc these psychiatric illnesses can leave in their wake… Which means we all have the power to make a difference. Stand up to ED! Make it known that this disease is NOT about looks. Being impacted by a life-threatening battle with food does NOT make us shallow or superficial. This is a DISEASE, and it needs to be TREATED, just like diabetes, cancer, etc. We can all make a difference for those in need by being open. Let those plagued by the voice of ED know that it’s OKAY to talk about it.

If you SEE something, SAY something. The worst outcome of speaking up is overstepping a boundary, and possibly making someone uncomfortable. The worst outcome of keeping quiet could be far worse.

My new #theory: all #girls should #treat themselves to #flowers. Happy #beautiful Saturday!

Why Don’t Men Have Cellulite?

I can’t speak to the accuracy of this information. Although I’m ok with this explanation ;-). But additionally, I love the end of this post!

It absolutely is a shame that a natural part of most women’s bodies is such a source of insecurity for so many of us. Just remember, you may not see perfection when you look in the mirror; but treat your body with respect. Give it what it asks for, and don’t ask it to hold more than it can handle, and you’re on the right track.

While weight, BMI, and measurements are great indicators of progress in your journey toward a healthy you, and can give you an idea of what your risk is, they certainly aren’t everything. Plenty of people are within a healthy weight range, but are riddled with visceral fat and high cholesterol, while many people with a BMI greater that 24.9 exercise daily, eat right, and have pretty healthy insides! No matter what your numbers, just remember the respect your body deserves. It does so much for you every day. Help it out in the ways you can, and praise it for the things it gives you in return! And remember that a little cellulite (probably) never killed anyone.

Besides, how boring would perfect be anyway? 🙂


“Why don’t men get cellulite?”

I get this question a lot, so I thought I’d settle it once and for all!

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