Amy Poehler on Loving Your Body


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I didn’t think I could admire this woman of comedy any more than I already did. But there she goes spreading wisdom, reminding me once again how to be kind to myself. All you beautiful beings who who tend to easily forget what perfectly imperfect beings you truly are (*guilty!*) will benefit from hearing this. Click the link and remember to be gentle.

Peace and Self-Love.
❤ Samantha


Tuesday’s Quick Tip

Tuesday's Quick Tip

Social networking websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and various blog-o-spheres are filled with pictures and words to use as motivation. Instead of using pictures of others’ bodies as a catalyst for our own change, why not use other goals? For example: I would love to one day hold a hand stand away from the wall for more than 30 seconds. This allows us to focus more on the power of what our bodies can DO, rather than on how they LOOK. After all, that’s truly the objective for improving your health, isn’t it? 🙂

Remind Yourself…

Remind Yourself...

It’s sometimes easy to forget what makes your life so great. When others around us seem to be getting what we want before we have the chance to get it, or when things don’t go our way, we often forget.

Get a blank piece of paper. And just go for it.

What makes YOUR life SO worth being GRATEFUL for? I bet there’s more there than you’d think…

Comment and share if you’d like! Might help some of us remember things we’ve forgotten about :).

Every day…

…It’s becoming more and more apparent. I need a regular yoga practice in my life. Immediately.

There is good to be found in humanity.

Just remember, all the shit you have going on in your head—most people have got their own. Take ownership of your actions, but know, their actions and judgements do not always accurately reflect who YOU are.

Be strong. Be you. Be kind.

I agree whole-heartedly. Enjoy yourselves, and be proud of the dedication you’ve given to your health 90% of the year.

YOU are lovely, beautiful, and worth it.

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The diet industry is deeply invested in leading you to believe that your are fat and sick. As a trainer, I talk with women every day who look me right in the eye and start listing all the things that they believe are wrong with themselves. And I’m looking at them thinking ‘you’re freaking BEAUTIFUL woman! There is NOTHING wrong with you at all. If you only could see what every other human being on this planet can see, you would stop wasting all this energy and time hating imaginary flaws.’

The diet industry plants those thoughts, and waters them with marketing, and before too long you’re buying their pills and potions and diet books in the belief that 1. you’re flawed, and 2. their pills and potions and diet books will correct those flaws.

You are not flawed. Not a single one of us, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US, looks like the models in the magazines and ads. Not even THE MODELS look like the pictures in the magazines. We ALL have lumps and bumps and hairs in crazy places and wrinkles and cellulite and bellies that bulge over our waistbands when we slouch, and no diet book or pill or potion is going to turn you into a photoshopped and professionally lit image on a magazine cover.

Oh and also. Enjoying a special meal and some pie some extra candy on Christmas is not going to ‘ruin all your hard work’ or make you gain 15 pounds. I promise. It’s ok to relax and enjoy time with your family, and that includes EATING THE FOOD that has been lovingly prepared and offered up in celebration. No guilt. No shame. Promise me that you will ENJOY the next few days with every fiber of your being, and enjoying includes letting go of the shame the diet industry tries to shove down your throat.

Love and pie to all. ♥

#Words to live by… Need to reinstate the practice of this mindset daily. #namaste #art #beauty. You and me, maybe, in some ways, we’re not so different. 😌