Some Mornings…

Some days just start out rough. The alarm goes off, and moving your body close enough to the alarm to hit snooze sounds like a form of ancient water torture. All morning, things are dropping, you stub your toe, and your hair isn’t doing a thing to cooperate with you. You’re in a daze, and when you get halfway through your travel mug full of home-brewed coffee, you realize it’s been leaking all over you since you started drinking. Some days are just this way. I usually call them Mondays. But there’s no reason this mediocre morning can’t turn into a fabulous, productive, positive day.

Time to breathe, center, and TURN THIS SHIT AROUND.

Happy Monday morning, blogosphere.

This mug speaks the truth. But it’s not so effective at containing coffee within the intended coffee area. 😦


Quick Quote

The wise will choose to be happy rather than to be sad or to make others sad. It is wiser to be happy and make others happy as well.

Found the above sentiment (that I somewhat paraphrased) floating around the blogosphere, and it spoke to me loudly. Since it addresses some major thoughts I’ve recently had, I thought others might benefit from having heard it as well.

What do you think? True, there are factors related to our own happiness and that of others that remain beyond our control. But what CAN we control, and use to our advantage web it comes to our emotions and overall wellbeing? Probably more than we realize…

What are your thoughts?