So Begins the Positive Plight of the Dietetic Intern

So Begins the Positive Plight of the Dietetic Intern

Back on the study train. Really excited to further my career and finally fulfill one dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Already feeling a tad overwhelmed, but as I keep the big picture in mind, I know this is worth it. And kind of fun, to be honest! So although my postings have not been as regular as I would like, I feel that now they may become even less so, as I attempt to figure out this dietetic internship:life balance. However I am sure my blog will end up being a great place to work out some of that! Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all :).


Coffee Drinking Associated with Lower Suicide Rates in Some

Coffee Drinking Associated with Lower Suicide Rates in Some

I now feel absolutely NO reason to defend my coffee drinking to anyone! Drink up, coffee fiends. Happy Saturday!


Some Mornings…

Some days just start out rough. The alarm goes off, and moving your body close enough to the alarm to hit snooze sounds like a form of ancient water torture. All morning, things are dropping, you stub your toe, and your hair isn’t doing a thing to cooperate with you. You’re in a daze, and when you get halfway through your travel mug full of home-brewed coffee, you realize it’s been leaking all over you since you started drinking. Some days are just this way. I usually call them Mondays. But there’s no reason this mediocre morning can’t turn into a fabulous, productive, positive day.

Time to breathe, center, and TURN THIS SHIT AROUND.

Happy Monday morning, blogosphere.

This mug speaks the truth. But it’s not so effective at containing coffee within the intended coffee area. 😦