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Follow Up: Give Yourself LOVE

Don’t we just love it when life forces us into learning lessons….?

This weekend has presented this lonely blogger with some emotional strife. Being a work weekend (full days, both Saturday and Sunday), I was unable to leave town. The boyfriend, my primary in-person support system up here in the Bay, needed a weekend to himself. My mom, living a solid 8 hour drive away, has likely been busy with life, and unable to return my calls. And to top things off, my sisters were enjoying a weekend visiting with one another, therefore unavailable to console me. All I truly wanted was a couch, maybe a good movie or quirky TV show marathon, and to share these things with one of the many people in my life to whom I owe no explanation. I longed for one of the people in my life who knows me well enough to show their love without saying a word. Just by being there. Unfortunately, they do not all sit around awaiting my call, and did appear to be busy… Understandable. In addition, being in a brand new region of California, most of these individuals do not live within a drivable distance.

(**Note: In writing this blog entry, I am reminded how much tenacity it takes me to call people outside of the aforementioned… i.e. my lifelong friends… they went as a MAJOR untapped resource this weekend. Next time!)

Now, I hear my inner-critic (from here on out, let’s refer to her as, oh, I don’t know… (A)Lex(is) Luthor?). “Well, what will you do with yourself this whole weekend, all alone, you unlovable rogue,” she adamantly and judgmentally inquires.

So, this weekend, I am forced to love MYSELF. I have learned one thing for sure–If I let that inner critic speak over me, this will be a weekend full of self-hatred and abuse.

Here are some tactics I have found useful over the last 48-or-so:

1) Do at least one thing you love, that is just for you (for me this was ACTUALLY spending a few extra hours at my part-time job… Not to brag, but I am VERY lucky).

2) Review any positive affirmations that work for you. I have found this to be Lex’s KRYPTONITE… or…. never mind, you get it…

3) Take this time to do the things you often feel hindered from in the constant presence of others. Maybe this is a great weekend for a solid cry.

4) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Make yourself dinner. Take an extended bubble bath. Mix yourself a (moderately portioned) cocktail. Do whatever feels warm and fuzzy for you.

This is what I’ve come up with this weekend… But I’m sure there is so much more out there. If any of YOU out there have a suggestion–LEAVE A COMMENT! 🙂

Thank you for all the love and support out there. It means the world :). Now I will continue the self-love fest this evening… Heading out of work now, and envisioning a tasty dinner, a new documentary, and a LOT of tea.


Give Yourself LOVE

Some days, we need a little extra love… Sometimes, those days coincide with the days every loved one in your life seems to be otherwise engaged.

How do you LOVE yourself when YOU are the only one around?