Quick Quote

The wise will choose to be happy rather than to be sad or to make others sad. It is wiser to be happy and make others happy as well.

Found the above sentiment (that I somewhat paraphrased) floating around the blogosphere, and it spoke to me loudly. Since it addresses some major thoughts I’ve recently had, I thought others might benefit from having heard it as well.

What do you think? True, there are factors related to our own happiness and that of others that remain beyond our control. But what CAN we control, and use to our advantage web it comes to our emotions and overall wellbeing? Probably more than we realize…

What are your thoughts?


There is good to be found in humanity.

Just remember, all the shit you have going on in your head—most people have got their own. Take ownership of your actions, but know, their actions and judgements do not always accurately reflect who YOU are.

Be strong. Be you. Be kind.