Coffee Drinking Associated with Lower Suicide Rates in Some

Coffee Drinking Associated with Lower Suicide Rates in Some

I now feel absolutely NO reason to defend my coffee drinking to anyone! Drink up, coffee fiends. Happy Saturday!



Some Mornings…

Some days just start out rough. The alarm goes off, and moving your body close enough to the alarm to hit snooze sounds like a form of ancient water torture. All morning, things are dropping, you stub your toe, and your hair isn’t doing a thing to cooperate with you. You’re in a daze, and when you get halfway through your travel mug full of home-brewed coffee, you realize it’s been leaking all over you since you started drinking. Some days are just this way. I usually call them Mondays. But there’s no reason this mediocre morning can’t turn into a fabulous, productive, positive day.

Time to breathe, center, and TURN THIS SHIT AROUND.

Happy Monday morning, blogosphere.

This mug speaks the truth. But it’s not so effective at containing coffee within the intended coffee area. 😦

Nourish Yourself, and Don’t Skip Breakfast!


We’ve all had those mornings–some of us more often than others–when no matter how far away you place the alarm clock, it is most definitely worth getting out of bed to hit snooze, only to crawl back into the warmth of that fluffy down comforter. You close your eyes for what was absolutely only 10 seconds, and suddenly, you’re supposed to be at work in 20.

Days like this, it’s easy to skip breakfast, contributing the dietary blasphemy to lack of time. However, skipping the most important meal of the day could do even more damage than you’ll do by arriving to work 5 minutes past 9. Already thrown off track by having to jet through your morning routine, taking on the day without some solid nutrients can leave you foggy and dreary all day long–something no gargantuan size of non-fat latte can undo.

So do yourself a favor, and start the day right. There are countless 10-second breakfasts that you can turn to on those rushed mornings (post on this to come). But here’s a quick one that will take no more than 10 minutes, and keep you going well into the day, and will set you back just under 400 calories.


1 whole wheat tortilla

Whatever frozen veggies you’ve got on-hand

2 Eggs



1. Heat your oven to about 250 degrees to start (Note: if your oven is old, like mine, and takes a while to heat up, start preheating before getting dressed).

2. Heat up a small skillet. Once warm, drop about 1/2 C frozen veggies (or more if you’d like… and if it will fit in your tortilla ;-)).

3. As those are defrosting, crack one whole egg into a bowl, and separate out one additional egg white. Whip the egg and second white together, adding in whatever spices you’d like. I like fresh ground black pepper, thyme or rosemary, and Trader Joe’s South African Smoke seasoning or Everyday Seasoning. Or any combination you fancy!

4. Once the oven is preheated, place the tortilla inside, just to warm it up a bit.

5. Pour eggs over fully defrosted veggies. Scramble together until fully cooked.

6. Remove tortilla from oven. Slather with about 1 Tbsp of your very favorite hummus (I use a plain variety… but feel free to get creative!), and fill the center line of your tortilla with your egg/veg mix.

7th FINAL STEP: Top with slasa and hot sauce if desired, wrap it up, and BOOK IT!

Enjoy once you’ve safely reached your destination.

See? There’s ALWAYS time for breakfast.