Amy Poehler on Loving Your Body


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I didn’t think I could admire this woman of comedy any more than I already did. But there she goes spreading wisdom, reminding me once again how to be kind to myself. All you beautiful beings who who tend to easily forget what perfectly imperfect beings you truly are (*guilty!*) will benefit from hearing this. Click the link and remember to be gentle.

Peace and Self-Love.
❤ Samantha


Technological Malfunctions

Well, I tried to record a Weekend Video for you all while waiting in a very long line for a drive-thru car wash before moving the entire contents of my life down to San Francisco, however, my phone decided it only wants to see my pretty face, but doesn’t want to hear me speak :-/. So, the video will have to wait! I do apologize for not sticking to my weekly schedule, but am hoping once this move is complete I’ll have more time to commit to this hobby of mine that I absolutely love!

The video was going to give some more information about mindful and intuitive eating. Please check back for it! On the bright side… That line went by quickly :).

Do We REALLY Need Carbs?

Of course we do, ya numnuts! Our brains use carbohydrates as their primary source of fuel, and to feed them we require a MINIMUM of about 130 grams per day.

Today’s video is a RAP (yes, rap) that explains the details of the Krebs Cycle (aka TCA or Citric Acid Cycle)–the process our bodies use to convert carbohydrates (and other important nutrients) into energy to help us get through our days. This may be complicated information, but the point is–our bodies have a necessity for carbs, and a cycle designed specifically to utilize them.

It should be made clear that we require CARBOHYDRATES. This does not equal REFINED SUGARS. There is a huge difference between whole grain breads, pastas, and brown rice, even the carbs we get from plant sources like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, versus white flour based products (think Wonder Bread), cookies, and processed, sugar- and fat-laden treats. These should be consumed very sparingly, and please do not convince yourself that they are brain food!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and please check back next week for a new topic to be covered. Suggestions for future videos welcome and encouraged!

And now… This one’s for all the science nerds (and Macklemore fans)…

Cracking the Code Behind Egg Labeling (Video)

What is the best type of egg to purchase to get the most bang-for-your-buck, and to ensure your own safety when it comes to breakfast? Watch and find out….

Accompanying post with more details can be found here:

My viewpoint, in a nutshell.

Yoga is great. And so are you. Treat your body with the RESPECT it deserves and craves.