Lessons in Tree Pose

Lessons in Tree Pose

Something I learned in Tree Pose this week: if you take the time you need getting there, ya might stay longer. Applicable, no?

Speaking of taking our time, please expect a new post on how my dietetic internship ended up with my School Nutrition Management rotation, and take a peak into the uncertainty and excitement that comes with the life of an internship grad as I job hunt and study for my RD exam! Hope you lovely readers are having a beautiful day. Stay grounded ;-).

❤ Samantha


So Begins the Positive Plight of the Dietetic Intern

So Begins the Positive Plight of the Dietetic Intern

Back on the study train. Really excited to further my career and finally fulfill one dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Already feeling a tad overwhelmed, but as I keep the big picture in mind, I know this is worth it. And kind of fun, to be honest! So although my postings have not been as regular as I would like, I feel that now they may become even less so, as I attempt to figure out this dietetic internship:life balance. However I am sure my blog will end up being a great place to work out some of that! Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all :).

MYndful PLATE!

MYndful PLATE!

Love this spin on the USDA’s MyPlate. If we really follow these rules, and keep our minds open to learning about proper nutrition, the rest will come into play naturally.


photo (21)

Received this in the mail today… Lil’ “just-because” from my mama. Good moms are the best, aren’t they? 🙂 So perfect.


There’s no room in there for anything else! :).